How To Choose A Foundation Shade

Foundation, it is one of those things that can either make us look like goddess or umpaloompas, there is no in between. Choosing the right foundation is something you should do correctly and can be incredibly daunting if you are doing so on your own and  I have found myself going to shops online recently to pick out my foundations since the brands I want are not held in stores. With buying a foundation online, I don’t get to see the color next to my skin, I only get the photo and a description of what the shade is. Raise your hand if you have ever bought a color on your own, get it home and realize it is totally not for you.

*Raises hand*

Yes, I may have gotten the wrong foundation, but that is because I simply didn’t know what I was doing nor what to look for. I am currently in school for makeup and beauty and have gotten some great knowledge about skin tone and color and fun tips to help with the foundation matching process so I thought it would be great to sit down and write this post to help all my fellow beauty lovers who struggle with this. I know I wanted this info a few times and didn’t have it so… let’s get started!

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Soap Walla Deodorant Review

Hi, everyone! On my first week at my new school, my instructor gave a big speech on why you should use a deodorant without aluminum like a natural deodorant. Now, with natural deodorant my main concern was sweat. Deodorant isn’t made to stop sweating, that is for an antiperspirant. Most deodorants on the market today are a mix of the two.

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Where Have I Been?



Hey guys, long time no talk. The main reason for that is because of school. I am currently in beauty school and it has been taking up my attention pretty much twenty-four-seven, but I also have been looking at what I want to do as an Esthetician and what I wish to promote.

It has been a few weeks of reflection, but I think I finally have an idea of what those things are.

From now on I want to start testing more Organic and Natural makeup and skin products. There really aren’t many blogs that I have found that talk about some of the brands I have been wanting to try (I.E RMS, Elate, Tata Harper, etc.) so I think I am going to re-route my blog to more of that type of reviews and info!

So I will be back with a few new posts soon, maybe not all of them being about all natural makeup at first, but we will get there!

Have a great day!

My Favorite Mascara


Hey guys, how are all of you today? I am going to be sharing my absolute favorite mascara of all time. If I lost all my makeup and had to repurchase stuff asap, this would be number one. I always use it up and go back to it, nothing compares to it. Want to know what mascara it is? Just keep reading!

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My Wish List


Hey, guys! Today I am posting my current list of products that I wish I could get now. I just moved into a new home so I won’t be spending a lot of money on new products but with that being said, I am out of a few items/ running low on them so…maybe I might pick up some of these instead of repurchasing the ones I’ve been using. Anyway Here are the things I have been eyeing!

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My Skincare Routine


Hi, guys! Today I am sharing my current skin care routine with all of you. I have recently in the past three months suffered from a big breakout that would not go away. So I switched out all of my products and finally have my skin back to how it was before my awful reaction to my shampoo. So if you want to see my routine keep reading!

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Best Highlight Ever!


I am super excited about this post! Highlighters have become all the rage right now and everyone is releasing palettes of them or just new and better highlights than ever before. I have just recently found the best highlight for your cheekbones and it’s amazing! As soon as I tried it I feel head over heels in love! Literally, I can’t wait to tell you all about it so let’s get into the post!

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Transitioning Out Your Makeup For Spring

Winter is coming to a close (thank the lord) and that means spring! With spring comes green grass, birds chirping, and…well…heat. Where I live it’s either negative five outside or ninety degrees. We really don’t get a spring so when summer is around the corner it’s time to start breaking out the lighter foundations and colors than what we wear in the fall and winter months. To help you do so, I will be breaking down what needs to go back into storage and what to bring out into the sun! Let’s get started!


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My Favorite Liquid lipstick

I am super excited for today’s post!! I have heard all about the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks and how they are amazing. So what do I do? I go out and purchase some! They were incredibly expensive and I realized…don’t work. I was super disappointed. First, I spent the money and everyone loves them, but I found that they just weren’t good. I would eat and they would come off, take a drink and notice it transferring! I couldn’t deal with the bad quality and if that was the top of the line liquid lipstick, then there wasn’t ever going to be one I loved. Well….that is until I stumbled upon the body shop. 

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