My Skincare Routine


Hi, guys! Today I am sharing my current skin care routine with all of you. I have recently in the past three months suffered from a big breakout that would not go away. So I switched out all of my products and finally have my skin back to how it was before my awful reaction to my shampoo. So if you want to see my routine keep reading!

My skin is combo and sensitive as I have mentioned in the past so with skin care and acne it is incredibly difficult to find any products that work well with getting rid of Acne and being gentle on my skin. Clinique was the first skin care brand I was introduced to as a young pre-teen and has a line created just for my skin type! So I used it as a young girl before and loved it. When I got my newest breakout, it seemed like nothing was working. I tried old and new cleansers and just nothing was doing it. So I walked into Macy’s and grabbed myself the Clinique cleanser and toner which were two of my favorite products back in the day.  

As soon as I began using them I noticed a difference. My skin wasn’t producing more acne and instead, it focused on getting rid and healing the zits I already had. It has been three weeks and I am now back to a great place with my skin!   

The first thing I do is wash my face using their cleanser in the number three line (oily combo skin). If I have makeup on I will do a double cleanse which also has been making a HUGE difference. It really just helps to get all the dirt and grime out of your pores and allows your skin to be totally clean.

The next step is toner. I use the Clinique one that’s pink that is also made for my skin type. It is amazing! It really gets the oils off your face and helps keep them at bay while also helping get rid of active acne on your face. I feel as it is sometimes a spot treatment even though it totally isn’t.

Next, I apply my eye cream to under my eyes. I use the Bliss one and I even have a review of it here! Need I say more? 

The last step of my skincare is moisturizer which is super important. I use one from E.L.F that has a nice squeeze tube and a pump. The product isn’t too heavy on my skin so I don’t have to worry about it clogging my pores. It also has vitamin E and Aloe in it which are two of my favorite things to have in a moisturizer since I have scars and am prone to redness.

And that is it! These are the products I have been using as of late to help get my skin back in check! What are your go-to skincare products that you use when your skin is acting up?




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