How To Choose A Foundation Shade

Foundation, it is one of those things that can either make us look like goddess or umpaloompas, there is no in between. Choosing the right foundation is something you should do correctly and can be incredibly daunting if you are doing so on your own and  I have found myself going to shops online recently to pick out my foundations since the brands I want are not held in stores. With buying a foundation online, I don’t get to see the color next to my skin, I only get the photo and a description of what the shade is. Raise your hand if you have ever bought a color on your own, get it home and realize it is totally not for you.

*Raises hand*

Yes, I may have gotten the wrong foundation, but that is because I simply didn’t know what I was doing nor what to look for. I am currently in school for makeup and beauty and have gotten some great knowledge about skin tone and color and fun tips to help with the foundation matching process so I thought it would be great to sit down and write this post to help all my fellow beauty lovers who struggle with this. I know I wanted this info a few times and didn’t have it so… let’s get started!

First off, my biggest and professional advice to you is to look at your veins. Yep, those things that carry blood from your heart to the rest of your body. Look at em. They should be either a blue or a greenish color depending on your skin tone. If you don’t know or can’t decide if it leans more blue or green don’t be afraid to ask someone! And if you don’t have anyone around and need the answer right now, go with your gut. You know your colors :).


Now, if you are more green tinted that means that you have more warm undertones. So if you were at the drugstore or a makeup store and glancing at foundations and their names, you might want to go for warm beige or anything that might have a ‘W’ that stands for warm.

If your veins are bluer, that means you have cooler undertones. So you would want to look for something that had a ‘C’ for cool on it.

The last step is to know your skin color. Are you light, medium, or dark? Most brands have a range within those ranges. So you might be on the paler side and they have three or so foundations of different shades in that category going from lightest to darkest. From there choose the one you think fits you best.

And there you have it! My little tip on choosing the right foundation shade! If you try this let me know how it worked for you! I would love to hear about it.


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