My Wish List


Hey, guys! Today I am posting my current list of products that I wish I could get now. I just moved into a new home so I won’t be spending a lot of money on new products but with that being said, I am out of a few items/ running low on them so…maybe I might pick up some of these instead of repurchasing the ones I’ve been using. Anyway Here are the things I have been eyeing!

RMS Un-cover concealer: I have been hearing a lot about this brand and its made with all natural ingredients which is pretty great! I am running low on my Nars Creamy Concealer so… I may just have to pick this one up!

RMS Un-powder face powder: I am currently using a HUGE jar of face powder from Clarins, but it is tinted and well…huge. Since the packaging is so large it’s hard to travel with because it takes up so much space! Also, I like the RMS one because 1. It is made with natural ingredients and 2. it is translucent. I probably won’t be picking this up for a while, but I will be trying it when I get a chance!

Tata Harper Bronzing Cheek tint: This is a cream bronzer that is made with all natural ingredients and supposedly looks good on pale skin without it being orangey. I am really into cream products at the moment, blame my new liquid highlighter if you will, but cream products are so natural on the face and I love it! I currently have a bronzer from Bobbi Brown that I am using but I might pick this up in the coming summer months when I have a bit more color to my skin.

Ilya ‘And She Was’ Silken Shadow Stick: This is again, an all natural product but its cream! I have oily eyes and want to begin playing with more cream products on my eyes to see if they stay on longer than just plain shadow. This shade would be a great everyday shadow as well as a base for other shadows to be layered over. I just bought a lot of eye shadow though so it may be a few months till I get this.

Floss Gloss nail polish in El Capitan: This is the perfect bright blue for summer! It would look fantastic with a tan and I’ve been drooling over photos of it. Sadly it is out of stock but as soon as it comes back, I am picking this sucker up!

So that is my current list! I will do an updated part two to this list in a few weeks, but for now, these are the products I am lusting after. What are you wanting to buy? Leave a comment below!




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