Transitioning Out Your Makeup For Spring

Winter is coming to a close (thank the lord) and that means spring! With spring comes green grass, birds chirping, and…well…heat. Where I live it’s either negative five outside or ninety degrees. We really don’t get a spring so when summer is around the corner it’s time to start breaking out the lighter foundations and colors than what we wear in the fall and winter months. To help you do so, I will be breaking down what needs to go back into storage and what to bring out into the sun! Let’s get started!


Tinted moisturizer: This one seems a bit obvious, but in the spring and summer you want a much lighter look on the face. Why? Well because, number one if you have seven different layers of foundation and concealer and powder etc, these things will build up like a sweater and in the summer one sweats, a lot. And makeup can only take so much heat and humidity. Using a tinted moisturizer it will be less likely to slip and slide all over your face and leave a mark when you go to hug someone. plus it won’t bunch up while eating hotdogs but the pool like a traditional foundation would.

Lip and Cheek tints:  Truth time! I have never used these–like ever but I do know that they work! I am actually trying them out for the first time and love them! With a stain, you get to have less product that will melt on your face and more color that stays! It’s a win-win! With a stain instead of sitting on the skin like a gloss or powder, it, well, stains the skin for a time. Giving you that pinched look without the hassle of keeping up with your makeup!

Waterproof mascara: Do I need to explain why this would be a good idea?  😛

SPF: yes, you should be wearing your sunscreen year round, but ESPECIALLY during the hotter months. You are in the sun’s light more and therefore, your skin needs to be protected. I usually do an oil free version or I choose a foundation with an SPF already built in (just watch out for flash-back).

Colors: It’s spring and summer! Have some fun with color! Try to go lighter than normal so instead of a deep red maybe go for a lighter coral shade. Color looks good with a tan so have fun, just stay away from the dark fall shades like brown lipsticks.

Setting Spray: I think this helps tremendously with keeping your makeup on for longer periods of time. Plus this can replace your powder and when you are a little flushed it feels so nice to spray on your face!

Those were all my picks!




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