Soap Walla Deodorant Review

Hi, everyone! On my first week at my new school, my instructor gave a big speech on why you should use a deodorant without aluminum like a natural deodorant. Now, with natural deodorant my main concern was sweat. Deodorant isn’t made to stop sweating, that is for an antiperspirant. Most deodorants on the market today are a mix of the two.

The problem with regular deodorants is that with it being so anti-perspirant it clogs the pores of the underarm, which can lead to more ingrown hairs in that area. Traditional anti-perspirants have really bad chemicals in it that can lead to breast cancer and cancer in general. All in all, the natural way is so much better for you, so I decided what the hay and ordered one online!


When I received it I was amazed at how small the container was and since it was in a tub I had to get used to putting it on every morning, but it has been about a month and I can finally say I love it! I notice that this deodorant actually works better than the one I was buying at the store and it smells like lemon essential oil which is so refreshing and nice.

I would highly recommend getting this product to try out and making the switch to a natural product line!

Are there any natural products you love? Leave me a comment below and let’s have a conversation!

Have a good day!


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