My Favorite Liquid lipstick

I am super excited for today’s post!! I have heard all about the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks and how they are amazing. So what do I do? I go out and purchase some! They were incredibly expensive and I realized…don’t work. I was super disappointed. First, I spent the money and everyone loves them, but I found that they just weren’t good. I would eat and they would come off, take a drink and notice it transferring! I couldn’t deal with the bad quality and if that was the top of the line liquid lipstick, then there wasn’t ever going to be one I loved. Well….that is until I stumbled upon the body shop. 


I went into the store because I saw they were having a sale and I planned on buying one or two products only to find that if I bought three I would get three free! So I bought more than I needed, anyway…I picked up their liquid matte lipstick as just a why not I don’t have to pay kinda thing. And I am SO happy that I did.

I put it on and it immediately surprised me. It felt super silky and creamy. Kida like a whipped consistency. Then I grabbed a glass and took a drink. Now, with the Kat Von D lipsticks, I get a transfer and so you can imagine my shock (almost fell out of my chair I kid you not) when I saw no lipstick on that glass.




I had to do it like three times more to actually believe it. This like ten dollar product worked better than a cult favorite. I am running to the body shop after this to buy every single shade. No joke. I even went out to dinner the other night and it lasted the whole night until I ate something, even then I still had a lot on my lips. 

Also, It is not nearly as drying as the one from Kat Von D and is super comfy to wear! Since everyone needs this in their life here is the link to it. Get every shade you won’t regret it!





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