My Favorite Mascara


Hey guys, how are all of you today? I am going to be sharing my absolute favorite mascara of all time. If I lost all my makeup and had to repurchase stuff asap, this would be number one. I always use it up and go back to it, nothing compares to it. Want to know what mascara it is? Just keep reading!


The mascara of this topic is the Lash Discovery from Maybelline! I know I know, but it has such a small brush! What can it do for my lashes? Well, my friend let me tell you.

Since the wand is so tiny it can get right at the base of your lashes to the very tip! The product is a nice consistency and the brush doesn’t pick up too much product so when you go to apply it on your eyes you get an even application. Now, it doesn’t make your lashes look like falsies or anything, but why I love it so much is because it works best as a primer for other mascaras.

Yes, you heard that correctly. I use a mascara as a mascara primer. But that’s because I have found that when I wear this as a base, every single mascara I use whether it be from the drugstore or Chanel, it looks fantastic!

I also love this mascara because if I want to have a little makeup day this mascara is super natural and makes it look like I’m not wearing mascara even though I am. I also like it in the waterproof formula because it helps hold a curl, although I will attest it is not waterproof, it comes off in snow. But with that being said, I get the perks of it holding a curl in my lashes without having to rip my eyelashes off to remove the product at the end of the day. A win-win situation right there. Also, you can find this at the drugstore for a reasonable price!

So what’s not to love about this mascara? Tell me your favorite mascara in the comments below!


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