Bliss Everyday Eye Cream Review


Good morning my lovely readers! Today’s post is a review of a new eye cream I picked up a few weeks ago. I ran out of my Keil’s Creamy Avacado Eye Cream and saw this one while I was wandering up and down the aisles at T.J Max and found it was just what I wanted.

I am young(21) so I don’t feel as if I need a major anti-aging eye cream just yet. That being said, I do need to use an eye cream in my daily skin care routine so finding one that was not that anti-aging and just moister based was a difficult task, but I finally found one! I love the Keihl’s one, but that one is hard for me to get my hands on since I do have to drive all the way to the mall to get or I have to order it online (something I don’t like to do). I feel like I have seen this brand in a variety of stores that are around me so I chose to pick it up.

While it isn’t directed towards anti-aging, it does have some anti-aging qualities which I don’t mind. The eye cream has some grapeseed oil with some vitamin E oil as well. It says that this product will help with puffiness, dark circles, and it will brighten the area under your eyes. That’s all good and grand, although I don’t know how close those claims are to the truth. I do notice my under eyes feel very relaxed and happy after using this product, but I mostly just bought it because it was targeted for everyday use and hydration.

The product is on the thinner side, but I feel like it is really effective in keeping my eyes moisturized. It isn’t too heavy nor too light and I would probably describe it as perfect for us younger gals who want to start preventing premature wrinkles. It would also be great for high schoolers since it is such a great price compared to the Kiehl’s one which is around fifty bucks. 

This eye cream also stays put and doesn’t migrate into the eye which is huge for me since I feel like more expensive ones tend to do that. All together I would highly recommend this product! 

What is your favorite eye cream?




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