David Smallcombe Cuff Review

Rose gold filled Hammered Cuffs. David Smallcombe.com

Good morning everyone. It is currently cloudy outside so I’m sitting here with a nice cup of tea writing this blog post.Today’s topic is more fashion than beauty which is a fun way to switch things up.

The cuffs are from David Smallcombe and you may or may not have seen them around youtube here and there. The cuffs I have are 14K rose gold filled and are absolutely STUNNING. I had my eye on them for like five years but never bought them because of the hefty (and I do mean that) price tag. My set (two big and two small) was almost $300. I bought them as a gift to myself for being rewarded honor roll status in college for the second year in a row and I do not regret my purchase at all!

The gold is just breathtaking. It glints in the sunlight and stays shiny even after I have worn them in the shower and bath. I even sleep in them. I don’t take them off because they are not that flexible and are super hard to get off once on. The only reason I took them off once was for a surgery that I am currently recovering from.

Another thing that I adore about these is that they are my size!! You guys do not understand how small my wrists are (infant size) and because of it, I can pretty much never buy any bangles or anything if they are not adjustable. Even then they sometimes don’t fit. But with David, they had my size and even offers custom sizing!! It was a sign that I had to get them and I haven’t looked back!

Just to give you an idea of how small I am, my ring size is 3 3/4.

If you have the money and have been eyeing them for some time, I would say go for it! I would recommend though to order from his website opposed to other retailers. I have just heard really bad things about other sellers and if you order from him before like five PM or something, they ship it that day!


David Smallcombe cuffs on me.


I was amazed at how fast they got to me which is just another plus. Nothing bad to say about this brand or his products. Already eyeing another cuff from him. Guess I’ll have to save up!

Thanks for reading! Did you know of this brand before this post? Leave me a comment below!

*If you want to see the set I purchased you can do so here*


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