It Cosmetics Brush Cleaner Review



Brush Bath it Cosmetics. Pic from Makeup Alley.


I hate cleaning my brushes. There I said it. And with that, I have become a profoundly lazy person when it comes to cleaning them. I used to be on top of keeping them clean. I would spot treat them daily and then take them to the sink to deep clean every Sunday.

Fast forward a year or two and I became a college student. That meant I didn’t have the luxury of my own bathroom and therefore I didn’t want to wash my brushes in the public sink. So goodbye clean and hello dirty makeup tools.

Now, I had a spot cleaner but I had left it at home and honestly wasn’t that impressed with it. Yes, it cleaned my brushes, but it took forever to dry! After that, I didn’t really trust spot cleaners for my brushes but after a while…I really needed to clean my brushes.

I was wandering around Ulta one fall day and was sucked in by the whole aisle of brushes from IT Cosmetics called Brush Bath (such a cute name). Literally, it’s a beautiful aisle. You should go see it sometime. Annyyyway, back to the topic. In this aisle is where I found the IT Cosmetics brush cleaner and decided, what the hey, I need a spot cleaner. So I took this home with me and immediately¬†began using it on my filthy brushes.

I was impressed! It got all the product off my white brush hairs and to top it off I swiped the newly cleaned brush onto the back of my hand and there was no residue! I was sold. I would recommend this to everyone who is in the market for a good brush spot cleaner. It also smells very citrusy which is an added bonus.

The it cosmetics brush bath cleaner sells for $18 which isn’t a bad price in my opinion. I have had this for a year and still have more than half a bottle left!

What is your favorite brush spot cleaner? Leave me a comment and let’s have a conversation!




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