Master Palette By Mario Review


So a few months back, Mario Dedivanovic came out with his own makeup palette and I thought the world was about to explode.

When I first heard this was a thing I went online and bought it almost instantly. I checked around for reviews of it first though because if it wasn’t very good, I wasn’t about to waste my money on it.

But I saw good reviews and picked it up. When it arrived I literally squealed in happiness. Mario is Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist so I knew this was gonna be a good palette with high pigment and such.

As soon as I opened it up, I instantly started dipping my fingers into the shades and my jaw dropped. It felt as if I were touching velvet! I have never in my life felt such a creamy beautiful texture in an eye shadow.


I used it for a solid three months and now its time for a review. The Pallete has mostly shimmer shades with only two mattes. That didn’t bother me at first since I did like more of a shimmer to my eyes. But after a few days, I grew bored of the matte mid-tone shade and wished that there was another.

Now, the shimmers on this palette are stunning and such, but as I kept wearing this palette I noticed some things:

A: The shades were all really dark. It seems to me that this was more geared toward someone with more color in their skin than me. As I would wear them, I would look in the mirror a few hours after application to find a super dark eye look I didn’t remember doing.

B: The shimmer is pretty…until it’s not. When I would look in the mirror as the night progressed, I saw less shimmer and more of a muddy mess. It seemed as if the longer I wore it, the worse the shades looked.


Would I recommend? Eh, probably only if you have a darker skin tone than I do, but even then I would warn you and ask about your experience after trying them.

Would I repurchase? No. It’s a beautiful palette but not for me :(.

Do you have this? What were your thoughts? Do you agree with me? Let me know in the comments below!



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